Artist Statement & C.V

Deon Winter MA

Throughout my art practice and study, I have felt an understanding and strong connection with the Minimalist artists of the 1960’s and 70’s.  In terms of placing my work within the context of current art practice, I  share the Minimalist’s reductive approach to art in that the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features.  I agree with Ad Reinhardt’s statement that ‘less is more’ and the need to communicate the purity of a message in its essence.

I feel that a work can only be realised fully through the stripping away of clutter to reach the transparency, directness and essence of the original concept.  I must fully explore an idea until I feel that I have arrived at its point of purity; penetrated beyond the initial superficial ideas or premature solutions and arrived at a point of depth and clarity which is found in the creativity of the subconscious.  In dealing with wholes rather than parts, purity of meaning rather than dilution, the works evolve, achieving a final position that is relative to the intended objective.

However, unlike the Minimalist’s, my work could not be interpreted as a reaction to Abstract Expressionism or the act of self-disclosure upon the canvas.  Although I walk a similar and perhaps parallel path, my goals are different.

The developement of my work is informed by my interest in the non-tangible nature of light, its ability to become part of an ambience or atmosphere, to transform into a physical presence.  I manipulate light within a controlled environment in order to build the enigmatic, mysterious and playful, sculpting light to take the viewer on a sensory journey through the complexities of perception, which translate into a gateway for the imagination.

The phenomena of light can produce a vibrant sensory experience or an inescapable moment in time.  I invite the viewer to utilize both physical senses and emotional feeling to connect, participate and interact with the formal, phenomenal and referential characteristics of light within a confined space.  The viewer activates the work in a highly unique, personal and subjective way, drawing attention to the deep connection between human experience and response.

I work in 2D and 3D, including the building of large scale works that enable the viewer total immersion within the space so that they become a unique part of the environment of the installation.

Education & Qualifications

  • DERBY UNIVERSITY     2004 – 2007
    MA – Fine Art
  • TRESHAM INSTITUTE    2000 – 2003
    BTEC Foundation Art & Design
    Waste Management Assessor
    Wamitab L3 & L4

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

‘Light’ Deco Threater, Northampton, 2009

‘Essence’ Russe Art Gallery, Rousse, BULGARIA (2008)

de TRANSCENDENTAL, Crypt, Euston Rd, LONDON 2008
de light experience, Scala di Giacobbe, Milan, ITALY, (2007)
U13 Studio, Kettering Northants (2007)
Vision of Light  Chichele College, Higham Ferrers, Northants  (2004)
Vision of Light  Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, Northampton  (2004)

Untitled  Pads, Northampton  (2004)

Vision of Light  Open Studio, Chichele College, Higham Ferrers, Northants  (2004)
Ceramics   Middleton Centre, Milton Keynes   (2001)

Selected Exhibitions


8th Helen Keller International Awards, Glasgow (2009)
Room of Light, Derby Museum & Art Gallery, (2009)
Poppys, Kettering Northamptonshire (2010)
Underground art, (2008)
Inside Out, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Brigstock, Northamptonshire (2007)
MA ADAPT Show, Britania Mill, Derby (2007)
Northamptonshire Open Studios 2007, Northamptonshire (2007)
Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, Open Studios Exhibition, Northampton (2007)
UNA NOTTE AL MUSEO 2007, Mapp arca Onlus, Milan, Italy (2007)
S.A.D icetwice, Olney, Buckinghamshire (2007)
un-bound, Adapt Collective, Nottingham (2007)
Barton Hall Opening, Kettering, Northamptonshire (2007)
OPPOSITES ATTRACT, Clifford Gallery, Northampton (2007)
Feast Of Friends, Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, Northampton (2007)
OPEN_07, Alfred East Art Gallery, Kettering Northamptonshire (2007)
Northants Educational Trade Fair, The Castle Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (2007)


Northampton Open Studios, Barton Hall, Northamptonshire (2006)
Studio Development Work (2006)


Gallery 58, Northampton   (2005)
15 cubed, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (2005)

15 cubed, Derby University, Britannia Mill, Derby (2005)

Black Sheep Gallery, Hawarden Castle, North Wales   (2004)
‘The Big Picture’, Hawarden Castle, North Wales   (2004)

Easter Open Studios, Barton Hall, Kettering   (2004)

Bath Fringe, Bath   (2004)

Northampton Festival, Northampton   (2004)

OSOP, Northampton Arts Festival   (2004)

AKA Studio Group, Chichele College, Higham Ferrers   (2004)

Northamptonshire Open Studios, Northamptonshire   (2004)

Comfort Zone, Tresham Institute, Northamptonshire   (2003)
Open Studios, Barton Seagrave Hall, Northamptonshire   (2003)

Annual Open, Nottingham Castle , Nottingham   (2003)

Studio U13, Opening, Northamptonshire   (2003)

Open Studios, Barton Seagrave Hall, Northamptonshire  (2003)

Permanent Collection

2D Comfort Zone 00111, Private Collector, Milian, Italy (2007
2D “Cross” Private Collector, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear (2007)
2D “Cross” series 001 Private Collector, Kettering., Northamptonshire (2007)
2D Comfort Zone 001, Private Collector, Northamptonshire (2007)
2D Work entitled ‘Touch’, Kettering General Hospital   (2003)
2D Work, Private Collector, Northampton   (2004)

2D Untitled, Private Collector, East Midlands (2006)

Residency, Competition, Awards, Prizes & Commissions

8th Helen Keller International Awards, Glasgow, commended works 2009

Mapp, Mapp Arca Onlus, Milan, Italy 2007 working with the patients of the Mapp Hospital for the reabilatation of physical and mental disease.

St Helens & Knowleys Teaching Hospital, NHS commission, five works

International Arts Council Funding, supporting the solo exhibtion ‘de light experience

International Arts Council Funding, Mapp residency, museo 2007

International Arts Council Funding, exhibition, una nottle al museo 2007

Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts, commissioned to build works for summer exhibtion 2007

Wellingborough Borough Council Mentoring Commission, opportunity to be mentored by artist Mike Williams through the scheme inconjunction with Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts.

Open_07 Alfred east art Gallery, three works selected, one commended.

Selected Volunteer Work

BBC Big Arts Week
Art Club

Joseph & Technicolour Dream Coat (Costume design & manufacture)
Float Construction (Girls Brigade)  (2001 – 2002)
Emerald Crown (Costume design & manufacture)

Selected Press Articles & Publication

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Dell’ Altomilanese, sabato 29, settembre 2007, article, Artista Britannica
LOGOS, sabato 22/9/2007, article, ‘L’artista Deon Winter espone a Castelletto
Evening Telegraph 31/9/07, article, ‘Artist is ready for Italian job’
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Image Magazine, May 2007, article, ‘Art Display’
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